How to choose Italian doors for your home?

If you are building your home or you are in the process of remodeling and you are looking for distinctive and elegant elements to make your environment unique and modern, adding Italian doors within your decoration may be an excellent idea. Read on and discover how to choose Italian doors for your home.

What are Italian doors and what materials are they made of?

Italian doors are furniture manufactured in a modular way; that is, it´s made up of several pieces. All its parts are assembled as a whole as if they were a puzzle, the idea is that the elements that build it do not generate splinters or any other element that prevents a finish without details that is the main characteristic of this type of doors.

Each piece that is part of the structure is built through an industrial process that guarantees that each of its parts is made to measure and thus guarantee a detailed final finish. Many of the Italian doors are easily removable to be able to conveniently move from one place to another without damaging their structure and finish.

The materials used to build Italian doors vary according to the desired design and style, but they are mainly made of wood, safety glass, or a traditional structure.

Italian wooden doors can be made of lacquered wood in various colors, trancet wood, or solid wood. Safety glass doors have stainless steel support located at their ends to provide greater resistance to the door. Traditional Italian doors are made with a honeycomb structure containing a lining, usually of high-strength Italian melamine.

What criteria to consider when choosing Italian doors

Every aspect is important and will allow you to finally select a quality Italian door according to your needs. Among the criteria to consider are the following:

Door coverage

In the case of having a paint coating, it´s important to verify that the layer is perfectly smooth. In the case of good quality lacquer, it can be verified by pressing on the surface, if there are no marks left once some pressure is applied on it and there are no marks or traces, it means that the lacquer is of good quality.

Texture and stamps

Another fundamental aspect is to carry out a deep visualization and carefully touch the entire surface of the door to verify that it´s completely flat, that there are no splinters, that they have mandatory seals, and that they are soft since these are the ones that will fix the precise way the door at the joints.


The actual canvas of each Italian door and the soft flats must be included in the complete body and must have the same texture and color.


There are a variety of finishes for Italian doors to create the feeling of being made of solid wood sheets. A lot is played with the colors and the direction of the application of paint to achieve the effect of “veins”, it can be varied between horizontal and vertical to create different aesthetic effects and vary the traditional models.

Some Italian door finishes include novel techniques capable of achieving a stamp-like textile effect on the surface. Other designs are capable of creating crocodile or any other skin effects for people who are fascinated by different environments with a touch of eccentricity and extravagance.

There are also options for people who love luxury environments, there are designs that include Swarovski crystal inserts in their structure to generate an elegant, bright, and unique look.

The finish to select will depend mainly on the taste of each person and the effect they want to achieve in their environment, some designs generate from contemporary, modern to conventional environments.

Strength and durability

This is an aspect that we consider not only when it comes to acquiring Italian doors, but when buying any other item for our home, we also want a product that is made of good material that guarantees resistance and durability. It´s very important to select Italian doors that include solid wood slat reinforcements to guarantee the structural rigidity you need so that it does not lose its shape over time.

Similarly, important attention must be paid to the door frames, which must be solid and covered with resistant material so that they can withstand accidental blows without becoming deformed and losing stability or shape.

Safety class

It´s essential to verify the level of security that the Italian door that you are going to buy has, you can verify this information directly with the manufacturer. The higher the class, the more security the Italian door will have.

How to choose Italian doors for your home?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Italian doors:


Variety of designs and models to choose from with unique colors and finishes that allow an elegant, modern, and different view capable of highlighting the environment where they are installed.

Guaranteed quality since they are manufactured through a meticulous and strict control that is followed in all stages of the manufacturing process.

There is an Italian door for every need, fortunately, every time new recognized manufacturers have been incorporated capable of meeting the demands of their customers. If you are looking for an Italian door and you have not found it yet, the most certain thing is that by contacting a leading manufacturer and expressing your wishes, they will be able to build the Italian door you want.


They tend to be a bit more expensive than other models and types of conventional doors due to the strict controls and regulations that must be followed for their construction.

Its manufacturing process can take a little longer than usual since the manufacturing process is usually complex and delicate.

Let the election begin

Selecting the perfect door for your home is a matter that deserves a lot of care and attention since it´s not a common element present in all homes, but rather represents a piece capable of innovating environments and providing a majestic appearance in any environment. For this reason, choosing Italian doors requires the time and attention necessary to select the most suitable for each case.