Composite Doors

Composite doors are entrance to your home is important because first impressions really count. We believe that your front door reflects your personal taste, style and character. With a multitude of glass designs, colour options and doors styles to choose from in our Palladio and APEER collections it becomes effortless to personalise your home.

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Why Composite Doors Are the New Favorite?

Our Composite Door ranges have the latest available high tech, hook bolt locking systems with anti-bump and anti-snap key cylinders as well as triple glazing as standard, ensuring maximum security and energy efficiency. Please feel free to browse through the gallery containing some recent doors installed or download the relevant brochures to find a style of door to suit you and your home.

Reasons to change to a composite door:

  • To enhance the appearance of your home
  • Low maintenance – no repainting required
  • Outstanding energy efficiency due to the door structure and triple glazing
  • Advanced security features such as a 10 point locking system, anti-bump & anti-snap key cylinders as well as internal glazing as standard
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Large variety of styles, colours and glass designs

Besides aesthetic purposes, a door is also responsible to fulfill its destiny in several ways. By blocking extra external heat, to keeping the sunlight outside and acting as a strong opaque barrier a door serves all of its functions it was created for, but like every other thing, some doors are better at their jobs than the other. This is why composite doors are the new favorites of the furnishing and construction industry. hearing the name for the first time might surprise you but we have all the right reasons to make you realize the importance and need of having a gorgeous composite door as your constant security guard.

What are composite doors?

A composite is simply a structure that is mixed with the physical properties of two or more different elements to achieve a desired result. They can enhance strength and rigidity too. The reason for using them over traditional materials is because they improve their base material properties and are applicable in many situations.

The construction of a door merely depends upon a number of factors that adjoined produce the given quality and functionality of a door. Composite doors are the latest addition to the family of door designed specifically by keeping in mind the shortcomings and flaws of previous types of single or conventional door structures.

This simple yet effective invention has combined the ideal qualities of material to rule out the common flaws that were noticed in previous door structures to get a product that is durable and works better than others.

Choose from an extensive range of designs and colours to enhance the appearance of your home. All back doors are available in double glazing and triple glazing. Aside from security, a new Back door offer excellent thermal efficiency.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best back door solutions to maximise security, energy efficiency and to enhance your home while representing great value for money.

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